Each story will awaken the curiosity of children as they imagine where the button may end up. The charming illustrations help guide the button’s adventures, with details and colors that are calming and so beautiful. 

I highly recommend these to read with your child or if you are a teacher to read at circle times to insight group discussions and imagination!

Penny Wight  

Montessori primary school teacher and mother, USA

I have read all the sweet, little books, what a great idea! Nice and short, but with a full story within.

Kate Moyle 

Head of St Edith’s Pre-school, Kemsing 

"Got a bookworm at home? They'll love this collection of short stories"


So should you read this little collection? A simple answer - yes! This precious collection of books will treasured and read over and over by little ones.



Happy reading: Your kids will ADORE this collection of short stories


The overall package is very appealing with the small books, a perfect size for small hands.
This would make a lovely gift for a small child.